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Gur's Closet is a nonprofit organization with a strong commitment to empowering women through fashion. Our main focus is on helping women in need of clothing while fostering a sense of empowerment as they embark on this transformative journey. Our range of services includes:

                                                                                       Trendy Appareal:
Gur's is dedicated to providing the latest, fashion-forward, and stylish clothing options. Our selection is curated from a variety of recent trends, featuring well-known fashion brands. In addition to clothing, Gur's offers a wide range of footwear, bags, and accessories, ensuring a comprehensive and complementary wardrobe.

Trendy Apparel is provided by the following: 

  • Clothing Distribution: We gather and distribute gently used clothing to women facing hardships. Our collection includes clothing suitable for adult women of all ages, catering to different seasons and occasions.

  • Clothing Drives and Community Engagement: We actively organize clothing drives and community engagement events to raise awareness about clothing insecurity and foster community participation.

  • Sustainability and Recycling: We champion sustainable practices by collecting and redistributing gently used clothing, thereby reducing waste and its environmental impact.

Dress For Success:

Women aspire to attain success, whether it involves preparing for an interview or seeking a confidence boost through a revitalized appearance. Our dedicated team is poised to offer support. Our expertise lies in assisting women in dressing for success, aiding them in identifying the appropriate attire and essential accessories needed to enter or advance in the professional world. Gur's possesses the knowledge to guide you in accessing clothing and additional assistance through our Dress for Success services.

  • Professional Attire for Job Seekers: We supply professional attire to job seekers, increasing their prospects of securing employment and ultimately assisting them in achieving financial stability.

  • Skills Enhancement Workshops: We provide referral workshops that concentrate on developing vital life skills, such as job readiness, financial literacy, and personal growth.


Women draw inspiration when they feel both visually and emotionally empowered. This innate self-confidence not only prepares them for career advancement but also exerts a significant influence on their future prospects. The collaborative effort of women uplifting one another as valuable assets in their homes, workplaces, and communities illuminates a brighter future.

We work closely with our clients, offering a comprehensive range of services, including attire, effective clothing presentation, guidance, and much more. Our programs instill in each woman a lasting sense of confidence and the realization that she has the power to shape her life's path and define success on her own terms. Our fashion services are readily accessible for you to utilize.

  • Education and Empowerment: We actively support educational initiatives and mentorship programs to empower individuals and inspire them to achieve their goals.


Raffle Program:

Each woman receiving support from Gur's will be given a raffle voucher upon entry. The raffle voucher will remain eligible for six (6) months, and a monthly drawing will be conducted, offering exciting pampering prizes.



Eligibilty Requirements: 

  1. Complete registration on-line

  2. Valid state ID

  3. Proof of address or residence in Middle TN




Business Operations:

Gur's will be open twice a month, the second and last Saturday of every month.

11 a.m to 3 p.m


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