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Committed to Empowering Women 



Amid challenging times, a glimmer of hope emerges. In memory of my late sister, who unexpectedly passed away in 2021, the inception of Gur's Closet, a Non-Profit Organization, came to fruition.

Gur's Closet is propelled by a singular aspiration: to provide women with the chance to embrace empowerment, facilitated through the avenue of fashion.


The sentiment of empowerment should be accessible to every woman, irrespective of financial circumstances or societal standing. We extend our assistance to women hailing from all walks of life. Our potency doesn't solely rest in our spoken words but is profoundly expressed through the endeavors we undertake. We recognize that sometimes, the catalyst for change is a mere opportunity coupled with support.


Building upon this fundamental mission, our aim is to extend the reach of our services to all women. We facilitate the opportunity for women to obtain free clothing through partnerships and/or direct consultant services with Gur's. This service is available as a Non-Profit Organization primarily in Middle Tennessee.


End Goal

Gur’s Closet is committed to empowering women in need by addressing a fundamental necessity: clothing. We believe that providing clothing assistance not only meets a basic need but also fosters self-confidence and social integration, leading to more productive and fulfilling lives.


About: About


GC has affiliates that are eager to assist with your fashion needs. Many of our affiliates can be found on Social Media as well as their business sites. See list of a few affiliates below.  

The Lip Bar

Mented Cosmetics

My Luxury Wig USA



EACH Jewel

Intentionally Blank

DOAD Fashion

The Glamatory

Gur's Closet is not your "normal" donation center.

We houses many of the latest trends such as:


Fashion Nova





and other Designer brands

Fashion Store
Pose at Protest
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